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Electrical Dry-type Transformers
Transformer Solutions
Other Design Details
Transformers with:
Screw Terminals & Screws, Terminal Blocks & Terminal Strips, Fuse Blocks & Fuse Clips,
Finger-safe Terminals, Quick Disconnects, UL Listing, Leadwire to Desired Length, Jumpers

Shown above are some Three Phase Transformers

Other Transformers for the Oil Field Industry include:
Transformers for Motors, Relays, and Motor Fans, DC Shunt Field Transformers, Transformers for Buffer to Soft Start Motors for Water Well Pumps.

Scott "T" Transformers : (one example) 95 KVA 3 Phase Scott "T" Transformer. 460V - 460V; Taps: 8 - 5% 4 FCAN, 4 FCBN, Electrostatic Shield
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